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Tampa Business Broker Services

Tampa Business Broker provides buyer representation to help clients find and purchase the businesses that meet their specifications.  Typically, a buyer hires TBB to do the research and legwork to locate a property that is not advertised for sale but is nevertheless available and fits their needs.  In other cases, a buyer has a specific business acquisition in mind and hires Tampa Business to investigate the possibility of making a deal.

As a buyer’s representative, the Tampa Business Broker's team may also know of “pocket listings” that meet the purchaser’s criteria. A pocket listing is a property that is for sale but has not been advertised via the typical channels. This helps protect sellers who want to keep a sale confidential until an agreement is in hand.

When we represent buyers, it not only works to find the businesses that clients are seeking but also negotiates on the clients’ behalf once they decide to move forward. Our brokers are experts in business properties and utilize the most up-to-date research tools available. They look at market trends on both a local and national scale to determine whether a business is a promising investment for their clients.